Air Conditioning
A full range of products to solve the problems of automotive air conditioning systems and improve their performance.

Equipment for levabolli, specific to remove dents from vehicle.

A full range of professional chemical products, innovative and constantly developing at the service of car repairer.

Technical articles
Italian market leader in the production and sale of tube cutting pliers and nylon terminal boards.

Various sizes pipe-cutting pliers

These die-cast, chrome-plated pliers, with replaceable blade, in highly resistant hardened steel. Cut perfectly hoses in Rilsan, nylon, plastic, rubber, etc., without crushing.

up to 12/24 for the smallest model and up to 26/28 for the largest version. Particularly useful in the sectors of compressed air, gas, plumbing, electrical and plant engineering in general.

Pipe-cutting pliers big and small
Spare blade replacements available

Cut perfectly without crushing