Marker Gel e Indelebili Pica

Pica-Gel Signalmarker

Pica-Gel Signalmarker is the perfect substitute for tube markers.

  • Very easy and effortless handling: No sweaty tube pressing;
  • Time saving: Marking works considerably faster than using a tube marker;
  • Most economic: 1 Pica-Gel substitutes up to 4 tube markers of 50 ml each;
  • Marks both on glossy and rough materials, no matter if bright or dark, hot or freezing cold;
  • Most permanent, after drying phase;
  • Excellent contrast – even on dark surface;
  • Weather & light resistant – ideal for outdoor use;
  • Mutable line width from 2 - 8 mm possible;
  • With useful quiver cap for perfect one handed handling;
  • High quality, smoothly running twist mechanism;
  • Chloride-free for marking on stainless steel;
  • Temperature resistant markings up to approx. 1000°C;

Pica-Gel Signalmarker

code color type
854.8080 white high-permanent marker
854.8081 blue high-permanent marker
854.8082 red high-permanent marker
854.8083 black high-permanent marker
854.8084 yellow high-permanent marker

Pica-Visor Longlife Board Marker

The marker, which never dries out:

  • With water-soluble “MULTI-USE” marking crayon;
  • Extremely insensitive and versatile for water resistant marking on almost all surfaces;
  • Most economic: 1 lead substitutes up to 5 conventional ink or paint markers;
  • Patented high-tech twist mechanism for rapid and convenient handling;
  • Convenient quiver cap with clip for perfect one handed handling;
  • Extremely long lasting and environment friendly due to high quality product technique and refill ability;
  • Lead never dries out – full performance at all times from the first to the very last line;
  • Markers and refill leads available in 7 colors;
  • Avoid lead temperature over 40° C;
  • Lead diameter = 10 mm, length = 85 mm;


code color type
854.900/12 all complete set
854.900/36 green board marker
854.900/40 red board marker
854.900/41 blue board marker
854.900/46 black board marker
854.900/52 white board marker

Complete PICA Visor set

In this complete set of markers you will find:

  • 4 board markers
  • permanent Refill Leads
  • Pica VISOR Professional Wiper
  • 2 Magnetic Pen Holder
  • Pica Longlife microfiber pads